My Mind Works Better on Paper

To ease in to the world of public blogging, I have decided to participate in BlogHer’s National Blog Posting Month. Each day for 30 days, BlogHer is providing a writing prompt. I am a day late to the game, but the prompt for Day 1 was :

What is your favorite part about writing?

I originally misread the prompt and thought it asked, “Why do you write?” I lay awake for an hour or so that night trying to mentally answer the question, and finally came up with an answer, only to reread the prompt the following morning and discover I had wasted all that mental effort.

Perhaps, though, all is not lost. As I thought through all of the things I write, the overall reason that I write became clear. What it all boiled down to was that my mind works better on paper. Every grocery list, journal entry, copied recipe, food diary notation, calendar entry, and note taken provides an external source of memory, a place to think through, reexamine and remember. Written words craft edges to days that otherwise would simply whirl by, many things forgotten.

Perhaps if I had taken the time to write down that first blog prompt, I might have remembered it.


1 thought on “My Mind Works Better on Paper

  1. I so agree with you… whenever I have to think about something that is important or that I need to remember, I have to write it down–whether it’s a grocery list or notes during an important phone call.

    And you’re right, you should have written down that first blog prompt, LOL 🙂

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