Naming the New Year

I first read about the idea of naming the new year on Ann Voskamp’s blog. Recently I came across the idea again here, and just as before, it resonated with me. So rather than coming up with a list of resolutions for 2012 that will hang over my head with its most likely uncompleted to-dos, I will give this year a name.

Naming something indicates that it is significant–and I want this year and all of my remaining years to matter. Too often I fritter my time away on things that have no true value and do not get me any closer to being the person I wish I was.  With the act of naming, I hope to create a focal point for the upcoming year, a word to return to when my actions and thoughts drift aimlessly away from what I believe matters.

What name to choose? What needs the most attention? One name has been coming to mind more frequently than others over the last few days, but I think I will take the last day of the year to mull it over.

What about you? What name will you give 2012?


3 thoughts on “Naming the New Year

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